150th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Electrical Transmission of the Human Voice by Antonio Meucci, 1849-1999

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Havana, 19-25 November 1999



(Essential Chronology)


Note 1.-- All information reported below is taken from the book by Basilio Catania “Antonio Meucci - L'inventore e il suo tempo” (Antonio Meucci - The Inventor and His Times).  

Note 2.-- The chronology reported below only refers to events concerning the life of Antonio Meucci and his wife. Other chronologies regarding his many inventions, and particularly the telephone, will be reported elsewhere.


Panel E1 - In Florence

  • Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was born in Florence on 13 April 1808.
  • He was admitted to the "Accademia di Belle Arti" on 27 November 1821, and remained in the Academy six years, following the schools of Chemistry and Mechanics, the latter encompassing all of the known physics of the time.
  • From 1823 to 1830 he was employed as customs officer at the gates of Florence.
  • In October 1833, he was hired at the renowned Teatro della Pergola, as assistant chief mechanician. In 1834, he set up an acoustic-pipe telephone (still existing today) to allow communicating from the stage to the maneuver trellis-work.
  • In 1833-1834, he was involved in the conspiracies for the liberation of Italy, and served many months in jail with the famous patriot F. D. Guerrazzi.
  • On 7 August 1834, he married Esther Mochi, a costumer in the Pergola's tailor shop.
  • On 7 October 1835, having accepted the job of chief engineer, and his wife Esther the job of chief costumer, in the magnificent “Gran Teatro de Tacón” of Havana, they embarked in Leghorn on the brig "Coccodrillo" with 81 members of the Italian Opera Company. They arrived in Havana on 17 December 1835. 

Florence 's Duomo and Battistero 
Florence's Duomo and Battistero

Panel E2 - In Havana

The Tacón Theater in Havana, where Antonio Meucci discovered the electrical transmission of the human voice

The Tacón Theater in 1868. Notice, at the left of the theater, the two-story apartment building and the protruding low building, accommodating the theater workshop.

Panel E3 - In Clifton

Antonio Meucci 's cottage in Clifton, NY, where he improved his telephone

Meucci's cottage in 1890, one year after his death


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