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Optical Fiber Communication
Quantum Physics vs. Information Theory,
      Cosmology, and
Bible vs. Modern Science

spotTerrestrial and Satellite Microwave Links
Measurement Techniques

     History of the telephonebuttOverview
                                               buttEarly inventors
                                               buttAntonio Meucci
Philipp Reis
Innocenzo Manzetti
Meucci and Bell
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My Curriculum

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buttonBicentenario di Antonio Meucci: 13 aprile 1808-2008

buttonIl primo cavo ottico a Torino: 15 settembre 1977




Basilio Catania, director general of telecommunications research laboratory (CSELT) 

Basilio Catania


Via Torino 86
10070 Fiano (TO)

Tel./Fax +39-011-925-4195

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 I am a researcher in telecommunications


My occupation...

researching, writing, netsurfing, gardening, enjoying music

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